What we believe in
Connecting emotions, passions, wishes.


Services for leading companies
Support for building the open-innovation scheme
Services for Ventures
Support growth for a “rule changer”
Venture Capital
Agile capital input to accelerate growth
ベンチャーキャピタル事業:結VC1投資事業有限責任組合、結VC2号投資事業有限責任組合、結VC3号投資事業有限責任組合、 MLCイノベーション1号投資事業有限責任組合 (三菱倉庫株式会社のコーポレートベンチャーキャピタルファンド)の運用
Matching of personnel from CEO / CFO to engineers
人材紹介事業:ベンチャー企業を中心とした人材紹介 (厚生労働大臣許可番号13-ユ-310757)

Company Profile

Yui Capital Partners Co., Ltd.
4th Floor Fukazawa Bldg. 11-2 Nihonbashi Kobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024
所在地:東京都中央区日本橋小舟町11-2 深澤ビル4階
Founded: August 2018
Representative Director: Shunji Yamashina


Kazuhito Tsunashima
After graduating Keio University in 1986, Kazuhito joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd as a retail sales at Utsunomiya, Wakayama and Yokohama. After that, he also experienced wholes sales division in charge of listed companies and pre-IPO companies. He experienced a branch manager in some branches such as Shimonoseki, Matsumoto and the head office sales department. In 2014 he was an executive manager of the financial public agency and a deputy director of Tsukuba University. After backing to Nomura Securities in 2017, he founded Yui Capital Partners Co., Ltd. in 2018.
1986年慶応義塾大学卒業後、野村證券入社、宇都宮・和歌山・横浜にてリテール営業後、本社営業企画、梅田支店次席、下関支店長。その後、ホールセール部門にて上場会社とIPO候補企業を担当。松本支店長、本店営業部長歴任後、筑波大学 産学担当副理事、つくばグローバルイノベーション推進機構 理事事務局長。2017年 野村證券に復帰後 2018年結キャピタル・パートナーズ株式会社を創業。
Shunji Yamashina
Shunji joined Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd in 1996 as an equity analyst covering small and medium-sized stock. After Yamaichi, he was an equity analyst covering software sector in Goldman Sachs Securities, Société Générale Securities, and Morgan Stanley Securities. In 2006 he founded Yamato Asset Management Co., Ltd and managed a small and medium-sized Japanese equity fund as CEO and CIO. In 2014 he joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. as an analyst and consultant in charge of researching on unlisted companies in the IT field and growth support. In 2018 he founded Yui Capital Partners Co., Ltd.